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05 September 2005 @ 03:53 pm
Action Opportunity: Art Book Call for Submissions  

Submit your artwork & writings and repost this!

It's a great way for all the "starving artists" to contribute to the cause.
It will be a tribute to honor the Gulf Coast cities made up of prose, short stories, poetry, sketches, doodles, photographs, polaroids, paintings, long stories, blurbs, journal entries, really anything and everything. It could be of their memories of the Gulf Coast, old pictures, personal accounts of the storm, slam poetry about how our government is handling the situation, and more. We hope to get everything from people's professional sketches of the beaches of Gulf Shores to drunken polaroids from a year's ago Mardi Gras.
The book will be published & sold cross-country in independent venues.
100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Salvation Army & the Red Cross.
Email submissions, name, gallery URL (if you have one), & location to:

mypreciouslove on September 6th, 2005 12:22 am (UTC)
This is a really great idea! I'll get back to you with contacts etc and some of my art! ^_^ Now, stupid question *blushes* ... does it have to be related to New Orleans?

Love Millie
ninakr!stinetragicmouse on September 6th, 2005 01:00 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! :)
Not New Orleans...but the ideas/ideals of living on the Gulf Coast (ie. jazz, beach, casinos, community, front porches, being laid back, southern hospitality, etc.) and there are other cities too: Biloxi, Mobile, Gulf Shores, Gautier, Shreveport, Slidell, Ocean Springs, and many, many more.

p.s. wow, my "ideals" are totally lame stereotypes. It's okay, I'm practically from Mobile...lol...
mypreciouslove on September 6th, 2005 01:12 am (UTC)
hehe! *sweatdrops* well, while I've never been to the affected area (I'm an Aussie who has never left the east coast of mainland Australia! XD ), I have seen stuff everywhere about the Gulf Coast! ^_^ hehe... I'll just do stuff that I know relates! XD

hehe ^^

I just have no money to donate and really want to help in whatever way I can! ^_^

Love Millie
ninakr!stinetragicmouse on September 6th, 2005 01:54 am (UTC)
Well, Millie...
One thing I have been dying for is people's reactions to the things they've been seeing on the news. It can be in writing...a personal account of the feelings you went through or whatever... It can be an abstract painting...or a emotive drawing. A photo of a sculpture...splatter paint.
I really want people to get creative and so far a majority of what I've been getting have been architectural photographs.

Also, you said it...that's exactly what C2A is about. People with a heart to help with shallow pockets. That's why our benefits are based on things that people can do/give without needing money. An Art book for the writers and artists...a CD for the musicians...a coupon book for the crafters...

<3anyway...good luck and thanks!